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    नई शुरुआत।।
    Report of Inaugural function of Sangam Kendra

    On the morning of 12th June 2022 Sangam Kendra situated near Sevagram was inaugurated in the farm at Kharangna Gode village. The main aim of this Kendra is to open up a space to explore various methods of consciousness development while practising coexistential living. In the inaugural function the main speakers were Doctor Ulhas Jajoo from Sevagram Hospital, Mala Mathur Preceptor Heartfulness, Doctor Shirish Gode Sarpanch Kharangna Gode, Acharya Swami Amrit Rahi from Chandrapur and Shalini Arora from Nagpur. Creation of Food forest and natural farming is being practised here. Around 70 to 80 people attended this program from different backgrounds and places like Nagpur, Chandrapur, Warora, Hinghanghat, Wardha, Warud etc. There was a Mitra Milan were participants shared their views on topics like meditation, spiritual growth, communication, social work and various streams of knowledge. Organic food produced in the farm was served during the meeting. Savithri and Arvind from the Centre conducted the program and Mrityunjay proposed the vote of thanks.